Bertie Wooster has lost his brooch. Well, not his brooch but the one his Aunt Agatha has asked him to bring down from London to Steeple Bumpleigh as a birthday present for his ex-fiancée, Florence Craye. And he hasn’t really lost it, though as the lights go up we find him believing that he has—and he will actually lose it a few minutes later, necessitating the dispatch of Jeeves to London to buy a replacement. Now, the only person in the world who terrifies Bertie more than Florence Craye is his Aunt Agatha, which explains his state of agitation at losing the brooch and his profound relief when Florence’s younger brother, the pestiferous Edwin the Boy Scout, returns it to him—though, as I say, he is not to keep it long. Thus, Bertie confides in the reader:

If I had not recovered...


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