For the last several years, we have taken the occasion of our June issue to salute the individuals and institutions that make our work possible. Now as we end our thirty-first season, it is a pleasure to acknowledge the people whose support has helped transform The New Criterion from a brash experiment in conservative cultural criticism into a thriving and influential institution waging battle on the parapets of the culture wars. We are deeply grateful not only for the generosity of our benefactors, but also for the longevity of their support. From its inception in 1982, The New Criterion enjoyed significant support from the John M. Olin Foundation, which closed its doors a few years back, and the Sarah Scaife Foundation. They were joined in the mid-1980s by the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation which has since that time been a stalwart partner helping us to carry on our work. Without their long-term, visionary support, The New Criterion could not have survived. Over the years, that triumvirate has been joined by numerous institutions and individuals. We are grateful to all our supporters, and would like to mention in particular our friend Donald Kahn, whose extraordinarily generous intervention at a critical moment was indispensable to the magazine’s future, as well as the Thomas W. Smith Foundation, whose generous support these last few years has been crucial to enabling us to carry on not only with the magazine but also with our growing program of conferences and symposia. We could devote an entire issue to thanking the many people who make The New Criterion possible. We come close to doing just that with our Friends Report, which will be published later this month and will list everyone in the growing extended family of our contributors. For now, we would like to mention other people and institutions who have taken a leadership role in helping to assure the survival of The New Criterion: James Piereson, the Mercer Family Foundation, the Achelis and Bodman Foundations, the Arthur F. and Alice E. Adams Charitable Foundation, the Carson-Myre Charitable Foundation, the Fritz Maytag Family Foundation, the JM Foundation, the Thomas D. Klingenstein Fund, Michael and Marilyn Fedak, Arthur Cinader, and George Yeager. The editors and staff of The New Criterion are grateful to you all.

A Message from the Editors

Your donation strengthens our efforts to preserve the gifts of our cultural heritage.

This article originally appeared in The New Criterion, Volume 31 Number 10, on page 3
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