As we conclude our twenty-first year of publication, we would like to answer a question we are often asked: namely, How do we do it? The New Criterion has a tiny staff: how do we manage to bring you some of the freshest, best written, and most illuminating criticism anywhere month after month, year after year? There are two parts to the answer. One is our writers. We are fortunate indeed in having been able to attract such good writers: young, old, and in-between. It is they who fill our pages and make us grateful as much for their engaging prose as for their fructifying insights.

But that is only part of the answer. The other part concerns the growing family of friends who support The New Criterion. It is gratifying to be able to take this opportunity to thank them publicly: the several foundations who first made our work possible, and those many individuals who have helped us in more recent years. We would like to thank in particular all those belonging to the Friends of The New Criterion, especially those who helped us with major special events this year: Paul Healy, Joseph and Sharon Hartmann, Donald and Patricia Oresman, Carol Selle, and William and Arete Warren. We wish also to thank C. B. Wright for his generous long-term support. And we are grateful above all to Donald Kahn, whose extraordinary generosity has helped secure the future of The New Criterion. To all of you we offer our profound thanks.

A Message from the Editors

Since 1982, The New Criterion has nurtured and safeguarded our delicate cultural inheritance. Join our family of supporters and secure the future of civilization.

This article originally appeared in The New Criterion, Volume 21 Number 10, on page 3
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