Baudelaire's Voyages: The Poet and His Painters at the Hecksher Museum, Huntington, N.Y.
August 28 - November 14, 1993

This exhibition is at once fascinating and infuriating, informative and exasperating. Its premise: to chart the relationship between literature and visual art that lies at the core of Baudelaire’s work. So far, so good. That the celebrated poet and critic believed in profound “correspondence”—his word—between the arts, between sounds, words, movements, and images is readily documented. That he was an informed observer of the art of his day is clear to anyone who has read his criticism. Yet absorbing and illuminating as that criticism often is, Baudelaire frankly declared that he valued pictures chiefly for the associations they provoked in him; the curator of the ambitious exhibition at the Hecksher Museum shares that point of view.


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