Mr. Wu & Mrs. Stitch
Artemis Cooper, editor   The Letters of Evelyn Waugh and Diana Cooper.
Ticknor & Fields, 344 pages, $27.50

reviewed by Brooke Allen

Evelyn Waugh and Diana Cooper first met in 1932. He was twenty-eight, the author of two successful and outrageous novels, Decline and Fall and Vile Bodies. In the three years since he had separated from his first wife and been converted to the Roman Catholic Church, he had traveled and drifted about with no fixed abode, written a good bit of popular journalism, and played to the hilt the role of fashionable young novelist.

Lady Diana Cooper was more than ten years his senior, and already something of a legend. The youngest daughter of the eighth Duke of Rutland (though many, including Diana herself, believed her natural father to be the poet and editor Harry Cust), she had as a young girl been at the center...

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