May 17, 2023

“Zadok the Priest” is the musical hit of British coronations, and has been since the 1720s. “The Swan” is a hit too, and is never more magical than in Godowsky’s piano arrangement. These are two of the selections in this episode. Others are by Mozart, Leroy Anderson, and other worthies. An appetizing, eclectic menu.

Handel, “Zadok the Priest

Mozart, Serenade from “Don Giovanni”

Anderson, Piano Concerto in C

Handel, “Ah, mio cor, schernito sei,” from “Alcina”

Saint-Saëns-Godowsky, “The Swan

Bacewicz, String Quartet No. 4

Cilea, “Poveri fiori” from “Adriana Lecouvreur”

Bach-Godowsky, Andante from the Violin Sonata No. 2 in A minor

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