December 01, 2016

The New Criterion  hosted “The Future of Permanence in an Age of Ephemera,” a symposium on museums at the Consulate General of France on October 21, 2016. Please enjoy videos from the event below and consider joining us as a Friend of The New Criterion for all invitations to all of our talks and symposia at

Roger Kimball introduces “The Future of Permanence”:

James Panero—“The museum of the present”:

Eric Gibson—“Notes on the postmodern museum”:  

Karen Wilkin—“Less can be more”:

Bruce Cole—“The museum as town hall”:  

Michael J. Lewis—“I swear by Apollo”

Philippe de Montebello–“Tempus fugit, ars brevis”:  

Discussion with Roger Kimball, Philippe de Montebello, George Knight & Michael J. Lewis:

Marco Grassi–“The birth of an idea”:  

George Knight—“Conserving Kahn”:

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