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Potemkin vistas

Britain Today: Part I
Do the moral and cultural values which sustained Britain during World War II still exist today? David Pryce-Jones looks at the outward indicators-”and the realities they disguise-”to answer this urgent question.

British intellectual life today

Britain Today: Part II
About a century ago, the term “man of letters” was in Britain replaced by “intellectual.” Daniel Johnson examines the difference between the two, and what that difference says about the state of the life of the (British) mind.

The real British disease

Britain Today: Part III
The British are experiencing a collective identity crisis. John O’Sullivan explains why, and why halting its progress is the surest way to protect Britain from decline.

The people vs. the E.U.

Britain Today: Part IV
The recent referendums in France and Holland rejecting the proposed EU constitution are not a setback but the possible salvation of Europe. Rodney Leach explains why.

Farewell, Church of England?

Britain Today: Part VI
The Church of England is under assault-”and the enemies are within. Peter Mullen, Chaplain to the Stock Exchange, tells us why the “whole institution is like a psychotic kindergarten,” and what must be done about it.

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Straining for authenticity

On the new trend of “stenodrama”-plays written from interview and courtroom transcripts. It’s about authenticity: “If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”


Iraq, Kosovo & other music

On Thomas Ades’s piano quintet, Peter Maxwell Davies’s Naxos Quartet No. 3, two string quartets of Christos Hatzis, and David Del Tredici’s Lament for the Death of a Bullfighter.

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