Ralph Ellison: Photographer is an exquisitely produced book containing 132 images by the man of letters, whose photographic talent delighted his friends and has long impressed scholars. His friend Shirley Jackson wrote to him in late 1952, months after Invisible Man garnered many rave reviews and had a run on the bestseller list:

[T]hose amazing pictures arrived and why do you keep on writing when you could set yourself up as a fashionable photographer? One of the ones who gets a thousand bucks for spending the day in your home, taking informal pictures of your children. Lunch thrown in. We agree in thinking that the picture of Sally with the hand with six fingers is probably the best baby picture we have ever seen. Sell it to the Heinz baby food...


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Edited by Michal Raz-Russo & John F. Callahan
Ralph Ellison
Steidl Verlag, 240 pages, €58.00

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