Polls taken in November 2021 showed a sharp drop in the popularity of the Black Lives Matter movement that had once peaked in June 2020 at over 50 percent public approval. The recent liberal Civiqs survey, commissioned by the hard-Left website Daily Kos, found of those registered voters who expressed a clear opinion, about 44 percent were opposed to blm. Only 43 percent polled supportive.

Most telling, those identifying as independent voters were less sympathetic (49 percent opposed) than the public at large. A recent Morning Consult/Politico poll replicated the Civiqs findings. And an even earlier August 2020 Harvard/Harris poll, taken before the release of 2020 annual crime statistics, the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, and the Waukesha killings, found that 57 percent of the public had a negative view of


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