“All that everybody seems to think about is sex. Sex, sex, sex. And if it’s on your mind all the time, it can’t be a very good thing, can it?,” says the frustrated lattermost character in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (at the Signature Center through March 22), which adds a few songs to the Oscar-nominated screenplay by Paul Mazursky and Larry Tucker that proved a defining parable of its era, albeit one that was almost instantly vaporized by the mallet of time. The movie was blazingly contemporary for 1969, embarrassingly dated fifteen years later. With its consciousness-raising groups, its groovy clothes (the beaded necklaces on men were almost as horrifying as the casual infidelity), its self-actualization talk, and its suggestion that a few endangered relationships might be salvaged by a nice healing orgy, it turned out to be so morally, pragmatically, and...


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