“The true spirit of England has always been incurably flippant,” wrote Auberon Waugh in January 1992 in “From the Pulpit,” his monthly foreword to Literary Review, the magazine he edited from 1986 until his death in January 2001. No one better embodied that flippant spirit than Waugh, known to his many friends as Bron. Blessed with a playfully ferocious sense of mischief, colored with an irrepressible element of fantasy and a deft and elegant pen, reminiscent of his father, Evelyn Waugh, Bron was the most entertaining journalist of recent times, incapable of writing a dull sentence. He could be vicious not only to deserving targets like Edward “Grocer” Heath and the disgraced Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe, but also to his father’s friend Anthony Powell, or to Lord Gowrie, who he said had stolen his girlfriend at Oxford.


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