Regular readers of The New Criterion will be familiar with the work of Victor Davis Hanson, the classicist, military historian, professor, and sage of the American agricultural experience. Victor has appeared regularly in our pages for years, first in 2002, enumerating the lessons that the Duke of Wellington can still teach us, and most recently this month, examining the nature of farming in eighteenth-century America. Recognizing Victor’s myriad achievements—too numerous to list in this short space—The New Criterion bestowed upon him our sixth Edmund Burke Award for Service to Culture and Society in 2018. We are now thrilled to announce that our association with this great scholar has been made even more official. Owing to the generosity of the Gilder Foundation, Victor has been named the inaugural Visiting Critic at The New Criterion for this publishing season. In this position, he will contribute essays to the magazine on the role of citizenship in American democracy, an increasingly important topic and one about which he is currently writing a book. He will also participate in events with the Friends of The New Criterion. Victor’s learned and engrossing analysis is vital to understanding our cultural moment, and we at The New Criterion are proud to welcome him as our first Visiting Critic.

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This article originally appeared in The New Criterion, Volume 38 Number 2, on page 3
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