If at the University of Pennsylvania Law School it is now verboten to tell the truth about the dismal results of affirmative action, at Mount Holyoke, that tiny New England sanitarium for feminist folly, it is impossible to tell the truth about sex.

If you go to the college’s website, you will find that it describes itself as a “liberal arts college for women” that is “renowned for educating women leaders.” Those phrases may soon have to be revised, however. A recently released faculty guide to “Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Students” advises teachers to avoid calling students “women” or referring to “the two genders.” The guide helpfully directs the attention of teachers to other “resources,” “Teaching Beyond the Gender Binary in the University Classroom,” for example, “faqs about Pronouns,” which is not a grammatical primer, “Transphobia & Racism, and Other Intersections,” and “ ‘Ask Me’: What lgbtq Students Want Their Professors to Know (video).”

Of course, all this is merely business-as-usual at elite American colleges these days. No one is shocked or surprised by this carnival of rubbish, any more than they are shocked or surprised to find such student organizations at Mount Holyoke as “Femmepowered,” “Gender+,” “Coalition for Asexual/Aromantic Awareness,” or the campus resource “MoZone: Gender trainings for the entire campus community.” It is, as we say, almost old hat at this point in the devolution of American higher education. Nevertheless, we do wonder what parents think about sending their daughters to such patently twisted institutions. Let’s leave the moral, social, and intellectual deformations of such places to one side. It costs $64,658 per annum to attend Mount Holyoke. Think about that, ladies and gentlemen.

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This article originally appeared in The New Criterion, Volume 36 Number 8, on page 3
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