As we were going to press, we received the sad news that our friend Herbert I. London, the prolific conservative writer, former head of the Hudson Institute, and founder and president of the London Center for Policy Research, had died, aged seventy-nine. Herb’s defining passions were education—he founded and presided over New York University’s Gallatin School, what was once a serious great books program—and the integrity of Western civilization, represented by two pinnacles, the United States and Israel. Naturally athletic and standing six-foot-five, Herb enjoyed a stellar basketball career in high school and college, and he was drafted into the National Basketball League. Had he not suffered an injury, he might well have gone on to a long professional career in the sport. The New York and indeed the national conservative movement would have been much poorer for the loss, but we know that Herb’s genius for friendship and bringing people together would nevertheless have made him a tonic presence in many lives. rip.

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This article originally appeared in The New Criterion, Volume 37 Number 4, on page 3
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