As I check in with The Guardian nearly every day, I find myself keeping a private tally of the top headlines of the year which could only have appeared in The Guardian and which thus make it the lovable home of what was once called the loony left but now, in the age of Jeremy Corbyn, I suppose must be called the left tout court. A few weeks ago the paper ran one that has to be a contender for top headline of this year, if not of all time: “A moment that changed me—my husband fell in love with a bonobo.” That will certainly take some beating, though I would be sorry not to be able to give some kind of runner-up notice to “Cops ignore me because I have light skin. That just reaffirms their racism” or “I work at the US Senate. I shouldn’t have to dance at strip clubs to feed my son” or “Do you applaud Caitlyn...


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