For the last several years, we have taken the end of our publishing season as an opportunity to give thanks to those who have made The New Criterion possible. We do so again this year, but in a mood that is melancholy as well as grateful. The New Criterion was started, and in its early years was almost exclusively supported, by a tiny handful of foundations, in particular the late, lamented John M. Olin Foundation, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, and the Sarah Scaife Foundation. Along the way, many other individuals and institutions have joined us. Some wish to remain anonymous, and we tender our grateful thanks to you: You know who you are. This season, other major supporters include the Achelis and Bodman Foundations, Arthur Cinader, Daniel Goldring, Virginia James, the J. M. Foundation, the Marcus Foundation, the Fred Maytag Family Foundation, the Carson-Myre Charitable Foundation, James Piereson, the Pinkerton Foundation, the Thomas W. Smith Foundation, and George Yeager. Looking back, we want to note that the Olin Foundation provided key support for our work for more than two decades, from 1982 until it ceased operation a few years back. The Bradley and the Scaife foundations continue to be indispensable collaborators. It is with heavy heart, then, that we report that Richard Mellon Scaife, genius loci of the Sarah Scaife Foundation, recently announced in his newspaper the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he was suffering from untreatable cancer. Dick Scaife’s many benefactions date back to the 1950s and include, as he notes, “art museums, universities, think-tanks, political campaigns, community redevelopment projects, and countless charities.” The New Criterion is but one of hundreds of worthy enterprises that have benefitted from his generous patronage. Indeed, the contribution Dick Scaife has made to intellectual debate and the cultural life of this country is incalculable. An institution, said Emerson, is but the “lengthened shadow of one man.” Through the Sarah Scaife Foundation and his other charities, Dick Scaife has cast a very long and energizing shadow. We wish to register our profound gratitude to him for his unwavering support of our endeavors for more than three decades.

This article originally appeared in The New Criterion, Volume 32 Number 10, on page 3
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