In Evangelical Catholicism, George Weigel lays out an agenda for the Catholic Church for the new millennium. The book is not just for Catholics since it addresses a general spiritual crisis. Western culture has reached an inflection point along the curve predicted by Nietzsche. After generations of chipping away at its Judeo-Christian inheritance, the West now openly embraces what Weigel calls a “debonair nihilism.” Our elites are not simply agnostic but “Christophobic.” Moral norms, once universally accepted, now have to explain themselves. Ideas such as truth, goodness, and beauty are dismissed with a dry little smile. The result is a vacuum with consequences that Nietzsche understood but our sunny nihilists in the academy and media do not. Weigel argues that the modern Church has fashioned a Christian humanism that is a potent antidote to the negations of postmodernity, one that can engage even the...


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