Feminism is in disarray, and its unresolved issues are slowly percolating to the surface of our culture. Naomi Wolf is currently having a meltdown in the public square. Cosmopolitan magazine, once at the vanguard of the women’s movement, has become a monthly manual in how teenaged girls can get intimate with their boyfriends. And on our college campuses, many young women are, in the name of female empowerment, having casual sexual encounters that they, by their own admission, do not want to have—the hook-up culture.

Television shows like Lena Dunham’s Girls, articles like Kate Bolick’s blockbuster Atlantic essay “All the Single Ladies,” and books like Hanna Rosin’s The End of Men are all attempts to navigate the choppy waters of our post-feminist world. Where do we go from here? Add Nathan Harden’s voice to the mix. His Sex and God at...


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