If they’ve got money to squander like this—of a crucifix being eaten by ants, of Ellen DeGeneres grabbing her breasts, men in chains, naked brothers kissing—then I think we should look at their budget. [It’s] in-your-face perversion paid for by tax dollars.
— Rep. Jack Kingston (R–GA) on FoxNews

A strong show, the first queer-themed exhibit in a national museum, it nevertheless would have been as conspicuous as rain on a distant sea if it weren’t for a few dank straight men who hate gay people.—JoAnn Wypijewski in The Nation

Jed Perl’s . . . dithering “art for art’s sake” formalism engages nothing but its own reactionary yearnings; one wonders if he wears rubber gloves when he types, the better to prissily avoid the messiness of lived history.
—David C. Ward and Jonathan D. Katz, in a letter to The New Republic rebutting...


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