Andrew C. McCarthy responds:

Leave it to a lawyer. Rachel Ehrenfeld did not attempt to market her book in England. She repeated allegations already publicly asserted by current and former U.S. officials about Sheikh bin Mahfouz, his Muwafaq charity (described by the Treasury as “an al Qaeda front”), and his chosen assistant (formally designated a global terrorist under U.S. law). She took pains to warn that bin Mahfouz denies having funded terrorists. So what’s Barrister Blackburn’s suggestion? Why, she should hire a lawyer, of course.

That is, she should bankrupt herself litigating in a foreign country against a Saudi banking magnate with limitless resources, who has already demonstrated a willingness to expend hundreds of millions of dollars in his New York fraud litigation, and who has scoured the globe to find an extraordinarily friendly ear in a British judge...


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