“I live in a liberal community, which is happy to bring into question things about this country.”

That’s Stephen Sondheim talking to Time magazine earlier this year. The line came back to me after November 2, when the losers, momentarily stunned to discover their arguments had been unpersuasive, quickly recovered to damn the majority of the electorate as boobs and bigots. One doesn’t wish to overplay the red state/blue state thing, but it seems to me that, pace Jane Smiley, Maureen Dowd, et al., the “ignorance” is not on the red side. Red staters are very aware of the blue states because we live in a blue-state culture: I don’t mean just Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and the boring local Gannett monodaily staffed by “diverse” J-school graduates who all think alike, but 99 percent of movies and sitcoms and non-country pop songs. A red stater is exposed to blue-state thinking...


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