Before agreeing on the Friday after the elections to step down as Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich attempted, with what has lately become typical ineptitude, to blame the media for the Republicans’ ill-success in getting congressmen and senators elected. This failure was widely thought to have been owed in part to the party’s excessive attention to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and Gingrich said: “I don’t think we are nearly as obsessed as the press corps. Look at all the hours that Tim Russert spent on ‘Meet the Press’ this year on that topic versus the number of hours on Social Security… . I don’t think hour after hour of details about Lewinsky are very newsworthy… . It is a little disingenuous to spend all this media time on a topic and then turn and say why are these other folks obsessed with it.”

Of course it was instantly pointed out by a whole chorus of...


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