When Bill Clinton announced the signing of the Bosnian peace agreement in November, he said a curious thing. He said that the negotiators in Dayton had at last brought about an ending to the horrible things that “we had to watch night after night after night for four long years” on our television screens. Granted, he was trying to bring the thing home to people whose support he needed in order to play what he considered an essential part in effecting the peace. But this only suggests that he is not the only one whose first concern is for his own tender feelings. Probably for Clinton himself but certainly (in his own and his advisors’ view) for those to whom he wished to appeal, the ending of bloody slaughter in Bosnia might or might not be a good thing for the Bosnians, but it was certainly a good thing for those in the distant and comfortable U. S. of A. who had grown weary of watching it over...


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