“Gustave Caillebotte: Urban Impressionist” at the Art Institute of Chicago.
February 18–May 28, 1995

Anyone who knows anything about modernist painting can tell you about Gustave Caillebotte (1848–1894), affluent friend, sometime painting companion, and patron of many of the most adventurous artists of his day. He is best known as a collector, one with an exacting eye, whose Cézannes, Degas, Manets, Monets, Pissarros, Renoirs, and Sisleys, bequeathed to an ungrateful nation who accepted them with great reluctance, today rank among the greatest treasures of the Musée D’Orsay. What is less known is that he was a tireless promoter of the work of his painter friends, helping to organize the now celebrated group exhibitions of the young artists known as the Impressionists during the first decade of their loose association. He paid for frames, loaned works from his own collection when artists refused to...

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