When I saw the cover story on right-wing chic among the young in The New York Times Magazine of February 12, I was reminded of Philip Larkin’s famous lament about having been “just too late” to have caught the beginning of “sexual intercourse” in 1963:

Cool conservatives began
In nineteen ninety-three
(Which was rather late for me)
Between the Hillary health-care plan
And the Newt-led G.O.P.

James Atlas, the author of the piece and coiner of the term “counter-counterculture,” actually interviewed me for it, but, unlike our dashing managing editor, I was not young or beautiful enough to have made the final cut. He did not even ask me if I was a fan of Smashing Pumpkins or 10,000 Maniacs (it would have done no good to lie, I suppose), and my ostentatious smoking of unfiltered Camels...


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