A Stanley Burnshaw Reader provides a valuable overview of one of the most unusual—and longest: spanning seven decades—literary careers of our time. In the course of that career, Stanley Burnshaw has written a verse play (The Bridge, 1945), a landmark work of poetic theory (The Seamless Web, 1970), two novels (The Sunless Sea, 1948, and The Refusers: An Epic of the Jews, 1981), a biography (Robert Frost Himself, 1986), and several volumes of poetry. He has also edited two pioneering anthologies of poems in translation: The Poem Itself (1960), in which he attempts to demonstrate that an intimacy with poems written in French, German, and other languages may be achieved through a “simultaneous” reading of the originals and their literal renderings; and The Modern Hebrew Poem Itself (1965), organized on the same principle. Almost...


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