To the Editors:
I am astonished that a publication as devoted to quality and excellence as The New Criterion could offer in the guise of serious criticism so transparently personal and vicious a diatribe as Creighton Gilbert’s “Sienese Storytellers” (April 1989). I am personally offended that Professor Gilbert’s long wait for an opportunity to vent his spleen with John Pope-Hennessy should end with the pretense of reviewing “Painting in Renaissance Siena,” an exhibition and catalogue with which John had no direct involvement, notwithstanding Professor Gilbert’s aberrant contention that “the very many citations to him in the catalogue substitute, in effect, for those by the curators.” (I am here guessing at Professor Gilbert’s very unclear meaning.)

It would appear that Professor Gilbert is equally content with the opportunity to disparage Keith Christiansen, the curator of the...


A Message from the Editors

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