To the Editors:
Regretfully, James W. Tuttleton’s “The Feminist Takeover of Edith Wharton” (March 1989) was brought to my attention and part of me would like not to dignify this “mean-spirited and condescending attack” (as Tuttleton calls that of one of the women in this article) with a reply. However, since Tuttleton’s animosity was fueled to essay-writing force in large part by his attendance at a conference I co-directed as president of the Edith Wharton Society and editor of the Edith Wharton Newsletter, I feel obligated to counter his allegations. Moreover, by publishing his assertions in a non-academic journal, he knows general readers cannot assess his scholarship.

It would take another article to contest all his charges and readings, but I address what I see as two of his greatest sources of ire, the purported rescue by feminist scholars of Edith Wharton from the “neglect of the male literary...


A Message from the Editors

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