Frederic V. Grunfeld Rodin: A Biography.
Henry Holt, 738 pages, $35

Visitors to the Musée Rodin in the rue de l’Université, Paris, require little persuasion that Rodin remains an exceedingly popular artist whose appeal to the very young—young lovers as much as anyone else—is considerable. He is one of the best known of all artists, and extensive collections of his sculpture exist in Philadelphia and San Francisco, as well as in Paris and Meudon. His work has been widely exhibited, not least in Japan, where four or five shows have been staged in recent years.

Evidence of Rodin’s hold upon the public is provided by the copious bibliography appended to Rodin-Studien (1983), which lists over two thousand items. It might seem as if most aspects of this protean artist’s activity would have been examined by now, and yet important questions...


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