Lee Congdon   The Young Lukács.
University of North Carolina Press, 235 pages, $21

Mary Gluck   Georg Lukács and His Generation 1900-1918.
Harvard University Press, 265 pages, $25

Georg Lukács (1885-1971) is the one Eastern European critic and philosopher who still commands an audience in the West. In the East, where he must have had a great effect on the formulation of Marxist aesthetics and the concept of realism, he has been relegated into the past as a “revisionist.” Only in Hungary is there a devoted circle of followers still flourishing. His influence in Germany and Italy was and is enormous. In Germany, there is a collected edition of his writings which, still incomplete, runs to twelve stout volumes, and a large, often polemical literature on about every aspect of his wide-ranging work. Theodor Adorno, the most prominent member of the Frankfurt...

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