To the Editors:
Though I am not in the habit of writing letters to the editor, the article by Samuel Lipman, “But If the Artist Fail?,” in the February issue provided ample grist.

Before I comment on the article, I would like to express my appreciation of the magazine itself. I may not always agree with what is said, but hats off to how you say it.

Emotionally I end up agreeing with the final judgments in most of your articles that deal with the arts. Such is the case with Mr. Lip-man’s. Would that audiences who attend concerts today had the capacity to recognize the importance of the last word in the last sentence of Mr. Lipman’s article: “It would be a pity if the harsh interior reality artists face in their daily lives were forever to be ignored by those who, in reading about these artists, prefer enjoyment to understanding.”

The wrath dissipated by the truth of that...


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