New sculpture, which is attracting more and more attention at the moment, doesn’t have the unity, the uniformity that painting does (or that it did until recently). You can’t come up with a single term, like Neo-Expressionism, to describe what is going on; there’s too much diversity. A measure of this diversity was visible last fall in two gallery exhibitions. In October, Donald Lipski’s recent work was on view at the Germans van Eck Gallery in SoHo, and in November there was a show of William Tucker’s work at the David McKee Gallery on Fifty-Seventh Street.

Of the two, Lipski is the more eccentric. He works with discarded industrial objects, a method favored by another prominent contemporary sculptor, R. M. Fischer. Whereas Fischer’s found objects are subsumed in a larger whole—a lamp, for example, functions as a work of art and utilitarian object—Lipski...


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