To the Editors:
In the October issue, Geoffrey Sampson portrays himself as a pathetic victim of “censorship” imposed by Harper & Row under my threat of libel action, after I had “complained to Fontana/Collins” (the British publisher of 20th-Century Culture, the reference work in which his entry concerning me appears), and claims that I “rush[ed] to law in order to suppress freedom of expression.” These are brazen lies.

I was never in contact with either publisher. I did correspond with the editor, Lord Bullock, providing him with ample documentation that the entry contained a series of disgraceful fabrications. The question of a libel action never arose. I will gladly make available my letters to Lord Bullock, and the publishers will surely confirm that I had no contact with them at all, thus settling the matter conclusively.

Sampson chooses to begin the story with his book...


A Message from the Editors

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