To the Editors:
As one of Dwight Macdonald’s two sons, I must reluctantly rebut the tasteless and misleading obituary of my father by Hilton Kramer in your January issue. I do this reluctantly on two grounds. First, my father rather than I should reply to such a vile attack. Second, I had previously thought Mr. Kramer one of the wiser anti-Communists around, if a somewhat humorless one at times. Imagine my genuine shock, then, to read this personal attack disguised as an obituary.

Before noting a few rebuttable details, however, let me stress the old Latin maxim invoked by Dean Acheson when asked by the press to comment on the death of Sen. Joseph McCarthy: “De mortuis nihil, nisi bonum est.” Similarly I must ask Mr. Kramer, why the rush to desecrate someone he apparently loathed? Why not let a decent interval pass for those who respected my father as a writer or political activist, not to mention those who loved him as well? On those...

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