February 27, 2023

Robert Erickson and James Panero discuss Plutarch, plays, pastrami, and more. The second of our podcasts on the Hilton Kramer Fellowship.

The texts used in the New Criterion classics reading group are as follows:

Histories, Herodotus, Landmark Edition, tr. Andrea L. Purvis, ed. Robert B. Strassler
Persians, Aeschylus, tr. Janet Lembke & C. J. Herrington
Theogony and Works & Days, Hesiod, tr. M. L. West
Parallel Lives, Plutarch, tr. John Dryden, ed. Arthur Hugh Clough
Metamorphoses, Ovid, tr. Charles Martin
Aeneid, Vergil, tr. Sarah Ruden

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