May 02, 2022

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A couple of weeks ago, Alexei Lubimov, a Russian pianist, was playing at an anti-war concert in Moscow. Police burst in to stop the concert. Lubimov kept playing until he had finished his piece (a Schubert impromptu). At the end of this episode, Jay plays a recording by Lubimov (Chopin this time). There is also Bach, Granados, Kapustin, Glass—a fine assortment.

Bach, Sinfonia, Easter Oratorio

Granados, “Canciones amatorias

Kapustin, Prelude No. 10 in C-sharp minor

Berg, “Die Nachtigall,” from “Seven Early Songs”

Glass, Etude No. 6

Vaughan Williamson, “Silent Noon

Chopin, Berceuse

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