July 01, 2020

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In honor of Independence Day, Jay does an all American program: ending with “Plenty Good Room,” the spiritual. He begins with some ballet, cowboy style: “Hoe Down” (Copland). Along the way, we have songs, piano pieces, an aria, some bluegrass—Happy Fourth, to all.

Copland, “Hoe-Down,” from “Rodeo”

MacDowell, “By a Meadow Brook,” from “Woodland Sketches”

Beach, “Ah, Love, but a Day

Wheeler, Scott, “Isolation Rag

Hoiby, “Lady of the Harbor

Meyer, Edgar, et al. (?), “Death by Triple Fiddle

Floyd, “Ain’t It a Pretty Night?” from “Susannah”

Gershwin-Heifetz, Prelude in C-sharp Minor

Trad., “Plenty Good Room

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