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The Discontent That Feeds “Britain First”
Dominic Green, The Wall Street Journal

In a Wednesday essay for The Wall Street Journal’s opinion page, Dominic Green, a frequent contributor to The New Criterion, argues that European political leaders must earnestly listen and respond to the concerns of their traditional voting population, or else risk further alienating ordinary people and seeding interest in ultra-right groups such as Britain First (the tiny fringe group recently thrust into global prominence when our own President “re-tweeted” its social media). On a quite different note, Green’s latest article for us, on an exhibition of the art of Tove Jansson at the Dulwich Picture Gallery, is in our current December issue.

Summer Comes to a Close in Paintings of a Modern Arcadia
Karen Wilkin, Hyperallergic

Karen Wilkin’s review of paintings by Graham Nickson at Betty Cuningham Gallery was posted on Hyperallergic last week but has only more recently come to our attention. Wilkin, The New Criterion’s own longtime art critic, surveys Nickson’s paintings and drawings with a sharp eye and penetrating critical analysis. Nickson, who has also served as Dean of the New York Studio School since 1988, makes paintings of summertime beach-goers and hedonistically colorful sunsets that, against all odds, avoid the pernicious marks of cliché and nostalgia. The paintings, which are on view until December 22, will serve as an escapist antidote to the oncoming wintry weather here in New York. Wilkin’s review of Jed Perl’s biography of Alexander Calder is in The New Criterion’s December issue.

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The Other Queen in London
Paul du Quenoy

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