On Friday, October 18, Roger Kimball and James Panero will participate in a panel discussion about conservatism at the third annual William F. Buckley, Jr. Program conference at Yale University. The conference, “The Future of Conservatism,” features opening remarks from the Honorable James L. Buckley and keynote addresses by Senator John Barrasso and William McGurn.

Alongside Ryan Anderson and Bret Stephens, Roger will be speaking in the panel, “Standing Athwart History: Should Conservatives Accept a Truce on Social Issues?” James is participating in the “Buckley As A Mentor: What Lessons Can We Learn From Him?” panel with the Honorable Neal B. Freeman and Larry Perelman.

The William F. Buckley, Jr. program, founded in 2010 by Yale undergraduates and named after the founder of National Review, aims “to expand political discourse on campus and to expose students to often-unvoiced views.” 

To learn more about attending this free event, click here

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