NEW YORK, April 28, 2022—This evening, Larry P. Arnn will be honored by The New Criterion with its ninth Edmund Burke Award for Service to Culture and Society at an anniversary gala dinner at the Metropolitan Club in New York City. The Edmund Burke Award recognizes individuals who have made conspicuous contributions to the defense of civilization. Serving as the president of Hillsdale College since 2000 and of the Claremont Institute from 1985 to 2000, Dr. Arnn has embodied the spirit of this award throughout his exemplary career. He has transformed Hillsdale College into a bastion of educational excellence rooted firmly in the canons of American liberty and nurtured by the great conversation across the ages that is Western civilization. 

Roger Kimball, the Editor and Publisher of The New Criterion, says Dr. Arnn “has transformed Hillsdale into the preeminent liberal arts institution in the country.” In a recent interview with Dr. Arnn, the Executive Editor of The New Criterion James Panero noted that “Hillsdale has attracted the attention of millions of Americans as it serves as a national model for an educational institution rooted in classical American values.” At the upcoming gala, Dr. Arnn will give a speech titled “Consistency in Politics,” after a 1932 essay of the same name by Winston Churchill.

The gala dinner will benefit The New Criterion, an influential monthly review of the arts and intellectual life now celebrating its fortieth anniversary season. The award, which was first presented to Dr. Henry Kissinger in 2012, pays homage to Edmund Burke, the eighteenth-century statesman and political thinker. The other honorees have been Donald Kagan (2014), Charles Murray (2015), Ayaan Hirsi Ali (2016), Philippe de Montebello (2017), Victor Davis Hanson (2018), Andrew Roberts (2019), and Conrad Black (2020). Supporters of the 2022 gala include Nell & Robert Kleinschmidt, L. G. Brandon, Virginia James, the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, Dave Williams, Don & Donna Riley, Thomas D. Klingenstein, Elizabeth Ailes, Richard R. Hough III, Richard Gaby, J. Peter Ricketts, the William H. Donner Foundation, Christopher Cowie, Mary Ellen Bork, Allie Hanley, Paul Isaac, James Meeks, Hillsdale College, and Christopher M. Laconi. With over 240 supporters scheduled to attend, the gala is The New Criterion’s largest to date, raising $750,000 for the non-profit publication.   

Dr. Arnn’s remarks this evening will be published in the forthcoming June issue of The New Criterion. A conversation between Dr. Arnn and The New Criterion’s Executive Editor James Panero is available on our media page.

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