As I mentioned on the blog last month, The New Criterion collaborates with The Social Affairs Unit, a London-based think tank, each year on a conference about a topic relevant to the Anglosphere. This year, the conference was held in New York City and it addressed the very relevant question, “Is America in Decline?” 

Last week, distinguished thinkers and writers on both sides of the Atlantic gathered at the Yale Club to discuss and debate this issue. For those of you who could not attend the conference--and you missed a great event!--The New Criterion is pleased to bring the conference to you. The event, which was recorded, is reproduced in the series of webcasts below.

Also, be sure to check out our photo album from the conference, which features Czech President Vaclav Klaus, our distinguished guest of honor during the conference dinner. 


Roger Kimball – Introduction

Keith Windschuttle – "Pax Americana and What the World Would Lose if the U.S. Declined"

---Keith Windschuttle Q & A 

Charles Murray – “An Exceptional Decline

---Charles Murray Q & A

Andrew C. McCarthy – “Things Have Been Worse…Haven’t They?

---Andrew C. McCarthy Q & A

Simon Green – “Tocqueville and the Possibility of American Decline

---Simon Green Q & A

Daniel Johnson – “The Mythology of Decline

---Daniel Johnson Q & A

John O’Sullivan – Concluding remarks


The conference was a "Friends of The New Criterion" event. For information about the "Friends of The New Criterion program, click here

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