We want to thank our friends at Powerline for recognizing James Piereson's essay "The Fourth Revolution" from our June issue:

The current issue of The New Criterion features James Piereson’s essay entitled “The Fourth Revolution,” and it wouldn’t surprise me if it takes its place alongside Francis Fukuyama’s famous 1989 National Interest essay on “The End of History” as one of those markers of intellectual ferment that plants itself firmly in the national conversation for months and years to come.

Mr. Piereson's essay was the tenth entry in our season-long series Future Tense: the lessons of culture in an age of upheaval. Powerline believes "The Fourth Revolution," which compares our current situation with three political turning points in American history that preceded it (Jefferson's "revolution of 1800", the Civil War, and the Great Depression), should be awarded Article of the Year.

In addition, Rush Limbaugh acknowledged Mr. Piereson's astute insight in "The Fourth Revolution" today on his radio show.


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