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Jay Nordlinger

May 02, 2022

Music for a While #56: Playing on

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A couple of weeks ago, Alexei Lubimov, a Russian pianist, was playing at an anti-war concert in Moscow. Police burst in to stop the concert. Lubimov kept playing until he had finished his piece (a Schubert impromptu). At the end of this episode, Jay plays a recording by Lubimov (Chopin this time). There is also Bach, Granados, Kapustin, Glass—a fine assortment.

Bach, Sinfonia, Easter Oratorio

Granados, “Canciones amatorias

Kapustin, Prelude No. 10 in C-sharp minor

Berg, “Die Nachtigall,” from “Seven Early Songs”

Glass, Etude No. 6

Vaughan Williamson, “Silent Noon

Chopin, Berceuse

January 24, 2022

Music for a While #58: “I hate music”?

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That’s the title of a Bernstein song: “I Hate Music” (“but I like to sing”). In this episode, Jay has Barbara Bonney sing it. There’s also music by Mozart and other familiar composers. And music off the beaten path: Catoire? And a brand-new work by the American Scott Wheeler. And more. The episode ends as the previous one did: with a piece by Leroy Anderson. After Phil Smith and some of his friends played this piece at Lincoln Center, Smith said, “Well, that was a gasser.” For sure.

Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel, “La complaisante

Bernstein, “I Hate Music

Catoire, “Étude fantastique

Mozart, “Deh vieni non tardar,” from “The Marriage of Figaro”

Wheeler, Scott, Adagietto from “Birds of America”: Violin Concerto No. 2

Trad., arr. Carl Davis, “Shenandoah

Anderson, “Bugler’s Holiday

January 05, 2022

Music for a While #57: “Hold out your light”

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This episode begins with a Vivaldi concerto and ends with a seasonal favorite: “Sleigh Ride,” by Leroy Anderson. In between, there is music by Bruch, Grieg, Stephen Foster, and others. In the mix is a spiritual, “Hold Out Your Light.” An eclectic, refreshing, and interesting program of music.

Vivaldi, Flute Concerto in D, Op. 10, No. 3

Bruch, Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor

Bell, Joshua, cadenza for first movement of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto

Grieg, Finale from String Quartet in G minor

Bristow, Symphony No. 4, “Arcadian”

Trad., “Blow the Wind Southerly

Trad., “Hold Out Your Light

Foster, “Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair

Anderson, “Sleigh Ride

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