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Jay Nordlinger

Jay Nordlinger has written about music for The New Criterion since 2000. He is a senior editor of National Review and a fellow of the National Review Institute. He does two podcasts: Music for a While and Q&A. Since 2002, he has hosted a series of public interviews at the Salzburg Festival.

Nordlinger is the author of two books from Encounter: Peace, They Say: A History of the Nobel Peace Prize, the Most Famous and Controversial Prize in the World and Children of Monsters: An Inquiry into the Sons and Daughters of Dictators. National Review Books has published two collections of his journalism: Here, There & Everywhere and Digging In.

A native of Michigan, Nordlinger has long lived in New York.

September 22, 2021

Music for a While #52: Strains of Salzburg

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In the current issue of the magazine, Jay has a chronicle on the 2021 Salzburg Festival. In this episode, he plays some of the music he discusses: from Bach to Mozart to Gershwin. (There are seven composers in all.) A marvelous array of pieces and performers.

Bach, Keyboard Partita No. 1 in B flat, Gigue

Handel, “Lascia la spina, cogli la rosa,” from “Il trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno”

Bach, Keyboard Partita No. 5 in G, Gigue

Mozart, Exsultate, jubilate

Cimara, “Stornello

Gershwin, Preludes

Massenet, “En fermant les yeux,” from “Werther”

Beethoven, Missa solemnis

September 08, 2021

Music for a While #51: From Mozart to Borge

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The opening piece, Jay says is one of the most joyous, most exuberant pieces ever written. It is a movement of a symphony, actually—the finale. Jay closes this program with Victor Borge, the musician-comedian, or comedian-musician—but in a serious vein. There is much to soak in, in this relatively brief program. Maybe the kind to listen to twice.

Mozart, Symphony No. 34 in C, K. 338, finale

Rorem, “Ferry Me Across the Water

Bach-Loussier, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565

Henriques, Lullaby

August 25, 2021

Music for a While #50: Pieces from all over

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It is characteristic of this podcast to contain a variety of music. But this episode is exceptionally diverse, with music by George Walker, Lili Boulanger, and Florence Price, to go with music by Mozart, Shostakovich, and Hindemith. Jay lays it out for you. Interesting and rewarding musical terrain.

Walker, “Lyric for Strings

Shostakovich, Concerto No. 1 in C minor for Piano, Trumpet, and Strings, last movement

Mozart, Serenade No. 10 in B flat for winds, “Gran Partita”

Boulanger, Lili, “D’un vieux jardin,” from “Trois Morceaux”

Price, “Ethiopia’s Shadow in America

Hindemith, “Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber,” March

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