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"America’s leading review of the arts and intellectual life.”

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“A refuge for a civilizing clement in short supply in contemporary America: honest criticism.”

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“As smart as it is bold.”

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The New Criterion began life as an experiment in critical audacity—a publication devoted to engaging, in Matthew Arnold’s famous phrase, with “the best that has been thought and said.” Since 1982, the magazine has established itself as the premier venue for enlightened, thoughtful, incisive criticism of the arts, culture, and politics. 

From painting to poetry, literature to music, philosophy to statesmanship, few magazines have the breadth and impact of The New Criterion. Its pages have attracted writers as various as the entrepreneur Peter Thiel, the military historian Victor Davis Hanson, the author David Pryce-Jones, and the statesman Henry Kissinger. With around 10,000 print subscribers and over 15,000 copies rolling off the presses each month, The New Criterion features a readership that is dedicated, inquisitive, and serious, with an eye for quality, tradition, and excellence. 

From top-flight art galleries to charter schools to a legendary menswear brand, savvy advertisers have found the pages of The New Criterion to be an incredibly unique venue to engage with potential customers and clients.

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Our reach


ca. 10,000 print subscribers
plus ca. 6,000 copies distributed to airport lounges,
newsstands, and retail locations
10 issues per year

 4.6–6.8 million page views online per year

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Please send all questions, insertion orders, contracts, & advertising materials to:

Isaac Sligh

e: [email protected]
t: 212-247-6980

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